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 ▸Our patients receive specialized and sensitive care, according to their health. Our Therapeutic Center has been a place where every patient receives help and support since the very opening. Many of our patients have found the strength to cope with their problems thanks to Shiatsu - Osman Kalan. Here you will find moral support and approval, which are necessary for any person who finds himself in a difficult life situation. Book your visit to our center today.

What is Shiatsu?

▸The Japanese art of Shiatsu has been known for thousands of years as a system of healing and health protection.

▸Shi means finger, Atsu means pressure. Although shiatsu had been practiced before, it was codified and widely used in the 1900s.

▸The Shiatsu technique is a technique used to correct imbalances and health problems in the body, and to protect and improve health.

▸Shiatsu helps people feel healthier and better physically, mentally and spiritually.

▸The concept of Qi is known as life energy. Qi is constantly present and active within the body. At the same time, a balanced flow of qi has a positive effect on all life activities. Shiatsu is based on the use of this vital energy.

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