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«OSKA» Shiatsu Therapy Center

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an oriental holestic health therapy based on the principles of acupuncture, using finger pressure instead of needles.

Regular Shiatsu not only treats physical and psychological ailments , but slows down the process of aging and prevents formation of degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s, Cancers and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Not until we receive Shiatsu do we realise that we are building up tension and nursing sickness in our bodies. Shiatsu in the most natural way, removes tensions, eliminates the cause of pain and improves the body's healing ability to safeguard its own health.

Shiatsu treatment has been effective and successful in many areas where the conventional medicines has failed.

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Shiatsu helps alleviate or eliminate various types of pain and discomfort. It also contributes to an individual's personal development by balancing energy disruptions, the underlying causes of physical and mental discomfort, thereby strengthening the immune system and facilitating the body's self-healing.

It stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. It regulates the activities of the autonomic nervous system and associated organ systems.

Research conducted in French hospitals has found that Shiatsu therapy reduced nausea by 69%, vomiting by 83%, and physical fatigue by 66%. It also completely alleviated liver pain by 100%. These findings have been published in medical sources.



The Mastercare Back-A-Traction system is a platform with an adjustable upper section, inclined at either 15 or 30 degrees, based on natural traction exercises using your body weight. It is an effective, reliable, and unique solution for alleviating back, lumbar, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee problems. We have observed that the Mastercare Back-A-Traction system, in combination with SHIATSU MANUAL THERAPY, is highly beneficial in addressing the prevalent issues of back, lumbar, neck, and shoulder pain, which are frequently encountered by those visiting our center.

Through the application of natural stretching and traction exercises using your body weight, along with shiatsu manual therapy, you can significantly reduce pain in the back, neck, shoulder, joint areas, lumbar region, and muscles, as well as address circulation problems and the fatigue and stress resulting from the demands of daily life. You can effectively manage your overall musculoskeletal health throughout your lifetime.


Tibetan Massage

Ku-Nye is a treatment method created by combining Tibetan medicine and traditional massage techniques. This massage is designed to awaken, balance, and enhance the body's energy meridians. In Tibetan culture, it is believed that Ku-Nye promotes balance between the body, mind, and spirit and improves energy flow. Practitioners are individuals with specialized training and experienced massage therapists who are proficient in Tibetan massage techniques. Ku-Nye massage is used to reduce stress, relax muscles, balance energy, and enhance overall health. Natural oils and herbal blends are used during the massage. With Ku-Nye, you can experience deep relaxation both physically and mentally. This massage helps you to unwind from daily stress, calm your mind, and find inner balance.


Professional Shiatsu Practitioner

Osman Kalan

I am the owner of the OSKA Therapy Center, and I am also a Professional Shiatsu Practitioner. I have been practicing this profession for 33 years. I am here to provide the best service to my patients.

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