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Dentist-surgeon, periodontist

Our professional dentist knows their stuff! For many years now, it has been helping love, giving joy and a smile. Come to our clinic for strong teeth))


Hijamat and Manual therapy

Hijama is a method of vacuum bloodletting. Today it has become very popular, and many people show interest in it. Hijama is especially popular in Muslim regions, as there is a mention of it in the Sunnah, a Muslim sacred tradition that exemplifies the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a model and guide for all Muslims. The second most important book after the Quran. Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad himself did bloodletting and bequeathed it to be done by all the faithful.

Bloodletting is, indeed, one of the oldest methods of treatment. The emission of "poisoned", "sick" blood many centuries ago, Aesculapius treated many diseases. #Hijama as one of the methods of bloodletting has become most widespread in the countries of the Middle East.


Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a very effective way to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, provided that the procedures are carried out by a competent and qualified specialist. It is possible to instantly eliminate chronic pain.
The effectiveness of the treatment has been proven and confirmed in the course of scientific research. It is important to remember that only an experienced chiropractor can conduct sessions without harm to health.

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